The Snuff Tobacco Reference

Beynon and Stocken Tobacco Concern

The London firm of Beynon and Stocken traded as snuff maker and tobacconist out of 10 Gracechurch Street. The business of the firm was established by a Jabez Beynon not later than 1812 (Post-Office Annual Directory, 1812), and Beynon would at an unclear date take on as partner a James Julius Stocken (d. 1862). In 1837 the business partnership then of Jaz. Beynon and Jas. Jus. Stocken trading as Beynon and Stocken was dissolved, with Jas. Jus. Stocken continuing alone. In 1869 the business partnership then of James Beynon Stocken and John Jabez Stocken, both sons of Jas. Jus. Stocken, trading as Beynon Stocken and Sons was dissolved, with Jn. Jez. Stocken continuing alone. The firm would seem to have its end in 1902, when a Francis Dyson Lacy who was then trading as Beynon and Stocken went bankrupt.


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