The Snuff Tobacco Reference

Catalogue of Academic Articles Relating to Snuff Tobacco

This is a catalogue of certain articles relating to snuff tobacco that have been published academically, with items listed in alphabetical order by title. Articles may be flawed and certainly are not endorsed.

Table 1: Catalogue of academic articles relating to snuff tobacco
Article title Attribution Publication
The Concentrations of Methaemoglogin, Carboxyhaemoglobin and Some Haematological Parameters in Tobacco Snuff Addicts in Igbo of Nigeria S. O. Ureme; I. D. Ibeagha; I. G. Maduka; O. G. Ibeagbulam Nigerian Journal of Physiological Sciences. Volume 22; Number 1–2; pp. 27–30. 2007.
Copper, Iron and Zinc concentrations of tobacco leaves and ready-to-use snuff products on sale in Imo State Southeastern Nigeria Innocent Chidi Nnorom Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management. Volume 19; Number 3; Issue 2015-07-10; pp. 459–467. 2015.
Determination of Heavy Metal Concentrations of Locally-Grounded Snuff Products Sold in Different Markets in Yenagoa Odangowei I. Ogidi; Shonubi O. Oluwatoyin; Chiemeziem O. Njoku; Blessing Johnson International Journal of Innovative Science and Research Technology. Volume 3; Issue 9; 2018-09; pp. 506–509. 2018.
Determination of Minerals Profile in Ghanaian Local Snuffs and an Imported Snuff Using Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis M. A. Addo; O. G. Duodu; H. A. Affum; J. K. Gbadago; E. O. Darko; A. Coleman British Journal of Pharmacology and Toxicology. Volume 2; Issue 6; 2011-12-20; pp. 293–301. 2011.
Effect of Occupational Exposure to Local Powdered Tobacco (Snuff) on Pulmonary Function in South Eastern Nigerians S. O. Maduka; E. E. Osim; R. O. Nneli; A. E. Anyabolu Nigerian Journal of Physiological Sciences. Volume 24; Number 2; Issue 2009-12; pp. 195–202. 2009.
Epidemiological association between osteoporosis and combined smoking and use of snuff among South African women O. A. Ayo-Yusuf; B. G. Olutola Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice. Volume 17; Issue 2; pp. 174–177. 2014.
In-vitro-Exposition humaner Nasenschleimhautzellen und Lymphozyten mit Schnupftabak S. Bunk; L. Übelacker; A. Scherzad; J. Hochstöger; N. Poier; S. Hackenberg; N. Kleinsasser HNO. Volume 68; pp. 8–13. 2020.
Isolation of Thermophilic Fungi From Snuff Michael R. Tansey Applied Microbiology. Volume 29; Number 1; Issue 1975-01; pp. 128–129. 1975.
Microbial Contamination Of Locally-Prepared Snuff Sold At Eke-Awka Market, Anmbra State, Nigeria Samuel Onuorah; Awka Orji Michael American Journal of Life Science Researches. Volume 4; Issue 3; pp. 74–77. 2016.
Microbial contamination of snuff sold in selected markets in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, Nigeria Odangowei I. Ogidi; Pere-Ere S. Tobia; Patrick C. Adigwe International Journal of Advanced Science and Research. Volume 3; Issue 5; pp. 16–19. 2018.
Nasal use of snuff Sameer Shankar Narake; Prakash C. Gupta Indian Journal of Cancer. Volume 51; Supplement 1; p. 88. 2014.
Plasma Concentration of Ascorbic Acid and Some Hematological Parameters in Tobacco Snuffers Among the Igbos of Southeastern Nigeria S. O. Ureme; O. U. Njoku; F. E. Ejezie; B. O. Ibeh; E. Ikekpazu; M. J Mba Annals of Medical and Health Sciences Research. Volume 2; Issue 1; pp. 46–48. 2012.
Pulmonary Alveolar Microlithiasis Associated with the Inhalation of Snuff in Thailand Ninart Chinachoti; Prasan Tangchai Diseases of the Chest. Volume 32; Issue 6; pp. 687–689. 1957.
Snuff use and the risk for hypertension among black South African women O. A. Ayo-Yusuf; O. B. Omole South African Family Practice. Volume 50; Number 2; p. 64. 2008.
A Survey on the Microbial Contaminants of Snuff Sold in Local Markets in Imo State, Nigeria R. N. Okechi; J. U. Oparaugo; C. O. Azuwike; J. C. Nnokwe; N. Chiegboka; F. N. Ezenekwe International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences. Volume 3; Number 9; pp. 366–373. 2014.