The Snuff Tobacco Reference

Catalogue of Written Works Relating to Snuff Tobacco

This is a catalogue of certain written works relating to snuff tobacco, with items listed in alphabetical order by title.

Table 1: Catalogue of written works relating to snuff tobacco
Work title Attribution Date Language ISBN
Le Bon Usage du Tabac en Poudre Jean Brunet 1700 French -
The Book Of Snuff And Snuff Boxes Mattoon Monroe Curtis 1935 English -
A Brief Abstract of the Virtues of the American Tobacco Plant; or The Use and Abuse of Tobacco and Snuff Royal College of Surgeons of England 1783 English -
The British Perfumer, Snuff-manufacturer, and Colourman’s Guide Charles Lillie 1822 English -
Catalogue of Snuff-boxes In the drawing room at Madresfield Court 1880 English -
Cautions Against the Immoderate Use of Snuff John Hill 1761 English -
Discours du tabac ou il est traite particulierement du tabac en poudre Jean Royer de Prade 1668 French -
The Early Snuff Mills of New Jersey Harry Bischoff Weiss; Grace M. Weiss 1962 English -
English Snuff Boxes George Bernard Hughes 1971 English 9780261632271
Histoire du Tabac; Ou Il Est Traité Particulierement Du Tabac En Poudre Jean Le Royer Prade 1677 French -
Historical Account of the Introduction of Tobacco Into England; With Anecdotes of Snuff and Snuff-Takers, &c. T. S. C. S. P. 1837 English -
Kendal Brown: The History of Kendal’s Tobacco and Snuff Industry James William Dunderdale 2003 English 9780954049751
Meissen Snuffboxes Of the Eighteenth Century Röbbig München 2013 English 9783777421377
Micromosaics; Snuff Boxes From a Private Collection Haydn Williams 1921 English -
The Old Snuff House of Fribourg & Treyer George Evans 1921 English -
O Tempora! O Mores! Or A Word to the Wise on the Use of Tobacco and Snuff 1854 English -
A Pinch of Snuff Benson Earle Hill 1840 English -
Schnupf, Bruder! Prisen Dosen Tabakflascher Kurt Schöning 1985 German 9783875532296
Schnupftabak Brevier Kurt Schöning 1988 German 9783875533248
Die Schnupftabakfirma Lotzbeck & Cie.: Ingolstadt, 1928–1987 Susanne Stieß 1987 German -
Schnupftabak für Genießer: Alles rund um Schmalzler, Snuff & Co. Jörg Pannier 2011 German 9783891262498
Smoking and Smokers; Snuff and Snuff-takers Joseph Baker 1851 English -
Snuff Ursula Bourne 1990 English 9780747800897
Snuff and Snuff-boxes Hugh McCausland 1951 English -
Snuff Boxes Kenneth Blakemore 1976 English 9780584102697
The Snuff Mill Story: Local History of Morden, Mitcham, Merton Wilfred Henry Prentis 1970 English 9780950431604
The Snuff Shop John Arlott 1974 English 9780718112479
Snuff-taking: Its Utility in Preventing Bronchitis, Consumption, etc. John Carrick Murray 1870 English -
Snuff Yesterday and Today Cecil William Shepherd 1963 English -
Le Tabac: Le Livre des Fumeurs et des Priseurs Spire Blondel 1891 French -
Tabaka na Kaszubach i Kociewiu Jerzy Zając; Edward Zimmermann 2006 Polish -
Tabatières Solange de Plas 1960 French -
Das Taschenbuch vom Schnupftabak Klaus Dieter Hartel 1970 German -
Über den Schnupftabak Karl August Geist 1837 German -
Verbesserte Rauch- und Schnupftabak- und Cigarren-Fabrikation Johann Carl Leuchs 1846 German -
War With the Senses; or Free Thoughts On Snuff-taking Richard Russell 1782 English -
The Wilsons of Sharrow: The Snuff-Makers of Sheffield Mark Hamilton Freer Chaytor 1962 English -
Wooden Bygones of Smoking and Snuff Taking Edward Henry Pinto 1962 English -