The Snuff Tobacco Reference

The Dean Swift Snuff Company

The Dean Swift snuff tobacco brand was conceptualised no later than 1960 by a Wade Hampton Poole of California,1 though it would not be until several years later that the Dean Swift company began operating in earnest.2

In short order the Dean Swift brand was memorialized by renowned author Phillip K. Dick in works including the 1966 novella We Can Remember It for You Wholesale3 and the 1968 novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?4

The early 1970s saw a modest newspaper advertising campaign for the brand, including a promotion for free samples of snuff tobacco.5

In 1984, George Bensen & Son were appointed as national distributors in the United States of America for the Dean Swift range of products,6 which at this time comprised twenty-two varieties of snuff tobacco that were contract manufactured by the Illingworth company of Kendal, England.7

Snuff tobacco production for Dean Swift had moved to Sheffield, England by 1989,8 and an Allene Brewer, who was a former sales manager for Dean Swift,9 had by 1991 come to own the company.10

In 2004, Arango Cigar Co. became the sole importer and distributor of Dean Swift snuff tobacco products in the United States of America,11 and a decade later in 2014 the Dean Swift trademark having previously expired was registered by Arangold Corporation, another tobacco distribution company.12 Since this time, Dean Swift snuff tobacco has been contract manufactured variously by Wilsons & Co. (Sharrow) Ltd.11 and McChrystal’s (Leicester) Ltd.13


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