The Snuff Tobacco Reference

The Gail Tobacco Concerns

Georg Philipp Gail (1785–1865) was a Hessian tobacco manufacturer of Giessen whose youngest son Georg Wilhelm Gail (1828–1905) would permanently relocate to Baltimore in 1850 as to establish a tobacco manufactory, and would there ultimately produce smoking, chewing, and snuff tobaccos. In 1851, Geo. Phil. sent to Geo. Wm. one Christian Ax of Daaden (1823–1887), who initially acted as a commercial agent before entering into partnership with the latter in 1855, the pair accordingly and from 1860 trading as G. W. Gail & Ax. These were joined in 1882 by an Ernst Schmeisser of Siegen (1851–1923), son-in-law of Geo. Wm., and George William Gail junior (1864–1909) and Christian Ax junior would subsequently enter the firm. The business of this firm was acquired in 1891-04 by The American Tobacco Company, who shortly thereafter abandoned the Barre Street tobacco works.


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