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Gawith and Hoggarth Tobacco Concern

Gawith, Hoggarth, & Co. Ltd. is an English tobacco manufacturer of Kendal. The firm was established in 1887 by partners William Henry Gawith (1856–1895), the youngest son of tobacco manufacturer Samuel Gawith (d. 1865), and Henry Hoggarth the junior (d. 1928), these two having split from the Samuel Gawith concern and acquired the Nobel and Wilson tobacco business which would quickly be expanded. Successive generations of both families would enter into the firm but in 1979 the Hoggarth family sold their shares to the Gawith family. In 2015 the company acquired the business and goodwill of the Samuel Gawith concern, and thus were the two Gawiths again united.


Acknowledgement is made to Gawith, Hoggarth, & Co. for providing certain information that features in this article, and verifying it generally.