The Snuff Tobacco Reference

John Thomas Illingworth and the Illingworth Tobacco Concerns

John Thomas Illingworth (d. 1888) was a Kendal tobacco manufacturer who established himself in 1867, having previously worked as a commercial agent for the Gawith tobacco concern.1 Two of his sons certainly, namely George Rumney Illingworth and James Rumney Illingworth (d. 1937), became involved in the Illingworth tobacco firm;2 the latter persisted in the trade and during the First World War on 1916-09-12 incorporated as James Illingworth Limited.3 Parts of the James Illingworth company were subsequently spun-off and took the forms of Illingworth’s Snuffs Limited and Illingworth’s Tobaccos Limited, and by 1937 James Illingworth Limited was acquired by Gallaher Limited, who further spun-off the foreign interests into James Illingworth (Overseas) Limited and divested this to British-American Tobacco Company Limited.4 5 The two Illingworth’s companies were acquired in 1964-02 by Singleton and Cole Limited,6 who shortly thereafter was in turn acquired by the Canvenham group. All Cavenham tobacco operations were acquired by Imperial Group circa 1984-07,7 and Illingworth production was soon assumed by their Joseph and Henry Wilson Limited subsidiary, Aynam Mills, the Illingworth tobacco works, having been lost to fire in 1983-02.8 9 The Illingworth legacy is today the Dr. Rumney snuff tobacco brand, named for Dr. John Rumney relative of the Illingworth family,10 which is produced by Wilsons & Co. of Sheffield the good will and recipes having been acquired in 2016 from Imperial. (J. Hanson, personal communication, 2023-01-12.)


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