The Snuff Tobacco Reference

Latakia Tobacco

Latakia tobacco is a processed tobacco leaf product that has as its attributes a distinctive aromatic flavour profile and a dark color as a result of a unique fire-curing process employing particular woods.1 2 3

Latakia tobacco is named for and popularly associated with the region of Syria where it was historically produced, however owing to environmental concerns there have been state restrictions on the production of such tobaccos in Syria since at least 19554 and accordingly some production has shifted to Cyprus and, to a lesser degree, Greece.5

There has been disagreement spanning centuries regarding such matters as whether Latakia is properly produced from a specific tobacco variety and, if so, whether this variety might be localised and as to which tobacco species this variety rightfully belongs, or conversely whether the term Latakia more accurately describes a production process that can be applied to most any variety of locally grown tobacco. Certainly, disparate tobacco varities and species have historically been used to produce Latakia tobacco irrespective of whether it is proper to do so.6 7

The annual output of Latakia tobacco is relatively low and the overwhelming majority is exported to the United States of America and to Great Britain8 where it is used primarily in the production of pipe tobacco, though there is also some cigarette and the occassional snuff tobacco production from Latakia.1 7 9


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