The Snuff Tobacco Reference

The McChrystal Snuff Concern

The McChrystal snuff tobacco concern started modestly in 1926 when a Denis McChrystal, who was formerly in the employ of a tobacconist, began to produce snuff from his garden shed in Leicester.1

In 1945, Denis Raymond McChrystal, who was the son of Denis McChrystal, joined his father’s enterprise,1 and on 1954-04-13 the pair had the company incorporated as McChrystal’s (Leceister) Limited.2

The firm relocated in 1958 to Earl Howe Street, and moved once again in 1966 to Morris Road, where production became fully mechanised.1

Ian McChrystal, the son of Denis Raymond McChrystal, entered into the family firm in 19781 and was responsible for developing the international scope of the company, which by the early 1980s was finding increasing success in the export market.3 4

In 1988, McChrystals acquired the JIP snuff tobacco brand,5 and it launched the S’nuff brand circa the arrival of the new millenium.6

A fourth generation member of the McChrystal family, Charles McChrystal, joined the company in 2015.1


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