The Snuff Tobacco Reference

Pierre Abraham Lorillard and the Lorillard Tobacco Concern

Pierre Abraham Lorillard (1742–1776) was a Frenchman who established himself as a tobacco manufacturer in New York in 1760, and produced snuff and smoking tobaccos at his manufactory located in Chatham Street. Lorillard was ultimately killed by Hessian soldiers engaged in the American Revolutionary War, and was immediately succeeded in business by his widow and thereafter by two of his sons, namely Pierre Abraham Lorillard II (1764–1843) and Jean George Lorillard (b. 1766), who were in turn succeeded by the son of the former, Pierre Abraham Lorillard III (1796–1867), who was succeeded by his sons Pierre Lorillard IV (1833–1901) and George Lyndes Lorillard (1843–1886). The business of the Lorillard firm was acquired in 1890 by The American Tobacco Company, and its subsequent corporate ownership history is altogether complex.


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