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Sifaco Group Production Date Code Format



The Sifaco Group manufacture tobacco products and often incorporate on their product packaging a production date code.

Sifaco Group Production Date Code Format Overview

The Sifaco Group production date code takes the form of ABC, where value A equals a single-letter year code, value B equals a single-letter month code, and value C plainly expresses the calendar week-month of production as a single-digit.

Calculating the Production Period From the Production Date Code

To calculate the period of production of a Sifaco Group tobacco product from the production date code with the code UA1 for the sake of example:

Production Code Reference Charts

Table 1: Sifaco Group production year code reference chart
Gregorian calendar year Year code
2015 O
2016 U
2017 R
Table 2: Sifaco Group production month code reference chart
Gregorian calendar month Month code
First month T
Second month A
Third month M
Fourth month B
Fifth month O
Sixth month U
Seventh month R
Eighth month C
Ninth month I
Tenth month E
Eleventh month L
Twelfth month S
Table 3: Sifaco Group production calendar week-month indicator reference chart
Gregorian calendar week-month Week-month code
First week 1
Second week 2
Third week 3
Fourth week 4
Fifth week 5


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