The Snuff Tobacco Reference

Rotary Snuff Dispenser

The rotary dispenser is a form of packaging that is sometimes employed to contain small quantities of snuff tobacco for retail. The first patent regarding the concept was applied to the Patent Office of Great Britain on 1935-10-08 by an agent for the applicants Singleton and Cole Limited and George Ferdinand Cole, and was granted on 1937-04-06 as patent number 463,736. An excerpt from the application reads: According to the present invention, a box or container or a cover therefor has a port or opening therein which is opened or closed by a relatively movable member and such port or opening is adapted to be uncovered by a relative movement of the box or container and a lid or cover member which is movably mounted on the box, so that a quantity of snuff can be discharged through such port or opening. Variations on the concept have subsequently been patented by others, including in Great Britain in 1947 (GB591426A) and 1966 (GB1017946A) and in the Federal Republic of Germany in 1970 (DE1923315A1) and 1998 (DE29807072U1).


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