The Snuff Tobacco Reference

Simon Scharlin and the Scharlin Snuff Concern

Simon Scharlin was a Jewish snuff maker and tobacco merchant who operated out of New York. Of unclear origin, Scharlin began trading under his own name in 1876 in Division Street,1 with his firm variously having nos. 110, 113, and 136. Inviting his son Sidney Scharlin (b. 1881) into partnership circa 1898, the two together traded as Simon Sharlin & Son.2 Sidney would succeeded his father in business, and in 1919 and together with an A. A. Feinberg and a G. Schapp had the firm incorporated as The Scharlin Snuff & Tobacco Corporation.3 The firm found lucrative a massive snuff boom in the United States of America,1 and a surviving photograph of a Scharlin storefront evidences that the company was extant as late as 1938.4


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