The Snuff Tobacco Reference

The Singleton and Cole Tobacco Concern

Singleton and Cole was a Birmingham tobacco wholesaler, manufacturer, and importer. The company originated in the Wolverhampton partnership of tobacco manufacturers and brothers-in-law John Singleton and Joseph Cole (d. 1915), which crucially would merge with the tobacco manufacturing firm of S. and C. Harries and Son of Shrewsbury. The company was first incorporated on 1886-01-26 as Singleton and Cole Limited, and for having outgrown its initial capital structure was reformed on 1897-05-07. Singleton and Cole was acquired in the mid 1960s by Cavenham Foods, and eventually by the Imperial Group, who ultimately sold the good will in 2016 to Wilsons & Co. of Sheffield. (J. Hanson, personal communication, 2023-01-12.)


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