The Snuff Tobacco Reference

The Imperial Tobacco Company

The Imperial Tobacco Company (currently Imperial Brands) is a major multinational tobacco company which has its headquarters in Bristol, England. Imperial was founded in 1901 as an amalgamation of thirteen British tobacco companies, which united in concern of takeover by the American giant The American Tobacco Company, namely: W. D. and H. O Wills Limited of Bristol, Lambert and Butler Ltd. of London, Stephen Mitchell and Son of Glasgow, John Player and Sons Ltd. of Nottingham, F. and J. Smith of Glasgow, Hignett Brothers and Company Ltd. of Bristol, Franklyn, Davey and Company Ltd. of Bristol, William Clarke and Son Ltd. of Liverpool, Edwards, Ringer and Bigg Ltd. of Bristol, Richmond Cavendish Company Ltd. of Liverpool, Adkin and Sons of London, D. and J. Macdonald of Glasgow, and Hignett’s Tobacco Company Ltd. of London. Countless subsequent acquisitions, demergers, deals, reformations, and other events have cumulatively given Imperial Brands its current shape.


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