The Snuff Tobacco Reference

William Ross Hedges and the Hedges Concern

William Ross Hedges (1830–1922) was a Birmingham chemist based out of Dale End. Hedges served his apprenticeship beginning in 1852 to the chemist John Yeomans (d. 1854) who had established himself in 1844, the former acquiring the business of his master in 1854. Hedges was eventually joined by his son, also called William Ross Hedges (1868–1922), and together they traded as Hedges & Son; later the pair were joined by William Herbert Hedges (1893–1916), the only son of Hedges the younger. Their business was incorporated in 1912 as Hedges (Chemists) Limited, and was subsequently acquired in a series that is altogether complex. The Hedges company found success with its L260 snuff tobacco blend, which contrary to the common myth was launched circa 1932. See also Ownership History of Brands and Corporations Reference: Hedges.


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